Estate Tax Calculator

Assume married and Basic Exemption Amount used,
or carried over at spouse's prior death
Federal Estate Taxes at Last Death
Tax Act 2010 Permanent Revert in 2013 to Old Law
Taxable Estate
less Spouse's Exclusion
Net Estate
Tentative Federal Estate Tax
Basic Unified Credit1
Spouse's Unused Credit2
Net Federal Estate Tax
1Assumes 2% federal inflation adjustment to the $5,000,000 Basic Exemption Amount after 2011 for the 2010 Tax Act.

If the 2% federal index rate is assumed to continue, the Basic Exclusion Amount in 2020 will be $5,980,000 with an Unified Credit of $2,073,800. (Note that the base $5,000,000 in year 2011 is used and the Basic Exclusion Amounts are rounded to the nearest $10,000.)

2The credit for the spouse's unused credit amount is always 35% of the unused exclusion amount; thus, a $5,000,000 carryover will have an Unused Credit Amount of $1,750,000.